January 19, 2018

AS Istanbul

Istanbul Technical University Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering Society

EUROVIA AS Istanbul has been established to contribute to students’ vocational education and development in the area of aviation, as well as provide contact with professionals in the field and increase communication among its members.
AS Istanbul became one of the branches of EUROVIA and AIAA, two student associations well known as pioneer unites about aviation and space due to their performance in international levels. AS Istanbul collaborates with about 200 other student societies and it also takes place at international events.
The society arranges seminars with experts and companies within the aviation industry in order to extend students’ horizons. Additionally, it offers workshops and courses. All these have an as main purpose to help members so that they can take part in international competitions and put in practice the theoretical knowledge learned in lessons supported by the Istanbul Technical University and Faculty of Aeronautical and Aerospace Science.
Last but not least, the society organizes the ITU Aviation Days; a two days’ event that happens once a year in order to bring both sectoral and sporty aviation together.